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Hear Me Now

It’s not rebellion when you’re selling out to an out of fashion salesman
Our promising lives, are full of empty promises
Temptations falling and calling you home again
well I’m sorry, if we’ve let you down

Won’t you (get on your knees)
believe (have faith)
in this lie with us all.

Hear Me Now 1

Less than 1 day, and Cinema will be open!!!  Trompe Loeil is one of the vendors in the XXX area of the theater, and one of their exclusive items is the Peepshow Skybox. The skybox comes with a small backstage area (not pictured), the main stage with pole (has 4 animations), and the chair. The chair has four sits, and four chair dance animations.   The skybox is mesh, and look amazing, my pictures don’t do the interior of the skybox justice.

Keep an eye out for the landmark for Cinema, and thanks to Amy for helping me with this blog post.  Check out Amy’s blog @  Pixel Vanity!!