It started out as a normal day… Who know that by the end of today she’d be a murderer.  She swears she never meant to kill him,  that he provoked her.

Standing over his body,  blood dripping from the knife in her hand, she realizes it’s too late.  Casually,  she covers him with a white sheet,  trying very hard not to get blood on her pretty new dress and sexy new boots.

 Slowly,  she walk around his body to stand next to the desk,  never noticing the incriminating letters sitting there.  She cannot believe what she’s just done,  surely this can’t be her standing there holding the bloody knife.  Can it?

The glow of her eyes makes  you wonder if she’s even human… she draws a finger up to her mouth as to shush you.  She never meant to hurt him… Can you keep her secrets?

Cinema Stuffs…

Dress: Valentina E. Couture – Tiered Mini Dress – Water

Boots: lassitude & ennui – Suede Mesh Boots – Black

Hair: Alice Project – Willow

Eyes: .ID. – Classic Alien Eyes – Dusty

Earrings: Virtual Insanity – The Hellbound Heart  Earrings

Poses: Ploom – The Slasher

Skybox: Apple Fall – Cinema Workshop

Hat Stand: Apple Fall – Hat w/Stand Pink

Desk: estatica – Bertram Desk & Chair

Papers: estatica – Captain’s Letters

Everything Else…

Skin: Glam Affair – Ginny – Europa 02 @ Collabor88

Lashes: Redgrave – Eyelashes 39 – Luscious

Dead Body: Murder Scene Male

With Love and Cupcakes,