I’m afraid this will probably be my last post here of the awesomeness that is at Cinema right now.  I’ve showed you so much already though.  The event doesn’t end for another week and a half,  but don’t forget to take a look.  Now on with the story…

Undead Perfection is Pididdle’s version of a horror movie about plastic surgery gone wrong in the most tragic of all possible ways.

A young girl in her pursuit of perfection,  dies while on the operating table of her plastic surgeon.  The death mask was made in her honor and she was buried with it on.

Her soul,  plagued with the fear of losing her body,  rose from the grave,  dragging her dead corpse along with her.  Her family had been so ashamed of her disfigurement and had the mask made in her likeness,  not the face she died with.

She roams the earth never removing her death mask,  looking for a cure for her cold dead heart.

I paraphrased what Brutus Martinek,  the amazing mind behind everything Pididdle said in the description of her stunning work,  so I cannot really take credit for the amazing story.  I absolutely love these items.  The set comes with the Bodysuit,  Tattoo,  Death Mask and nails,  but you can also buy the pieces separately if you choose to.

Get My Look…

Outfit: Pididdle – Undead Perfection @ Cinema

Skin: Glam Affair – Leah Grey Skin (No longer availible)

Boots: Gos – Equestrian Boots – Autumn Collection

Poses: !bang

With Love and Cupcakes,