Another awesome round of Zodiac opened today!  I was so excited to see all the amazing things for this round’s sign which happens to be Scorpio!  There are really some super fantabulous items waiting for you!

I fell in love with this adorable OmNom Chair from Cheeky Pea!  It reminds me of Pac Man and the hours I spent playing it as a kid.  Yes I was one of THOSE kids!  It’s a super cute  chair and worthy of a permanent place in my house!  I wasn’t even afraid to be eaten!  It’s got 5 color options,  23 singles poses,  7 kids poses,  and 6 couples poses!

I also adore these really cute Scoripo Bars from Strawberry Fizz!  The one that stands on my shoulder is my favorite I have to say.  He’s like a pet,  but I have to try very hard not to eat him,  since he looks so tasty!  The standing one comes in a spotlighted version as well!  This too may end up in my house!

I absolutely adore this cute Jenny Strapless Blouse from Pink Outfitters!  It comes in 3 pretty colors,  and is mesh!  I love the way it crinkles and falls below my waist!  It’s almost like a SUPER short dress that begs to be worn with sexy skinny jeans and cute pumps.

Or with some super cute ankle boots like these Reuxi Ankle Boots form Decoy!  They come in 3 stunning colors each with 2 zipper options,  regular and Scorpio!  I love the  look of these,  the way they fold over like they are unzipped!  They are seriously sexy!

I cannot help but grab the eyes from Delusions ate all the events it seems,  they are always too cute to pass up!  This round of Zodiac brings us the new Fiercely Independent Eyes!  They come in 6 super pretty colors,  each with the name of a trait Scorpio’s possess.

Of course you know I had to blog the FABULOUS She’s Crafty poses from exposeur!  There are 5 super sexy and sweet poses in the pack,  along with their mirrors!  I only had time to show you 2,  but the other 3 are just as fabulous!  But this is just one item exposeur has this month!  There are also to couples poses that are to die for!

Get My Look…

Zodiac Stuffs…

Top: Pink Outfitters – Jenny Strapless Blouse – Sapphire

Shoes: Decoy – Reuxi Ankle Boots – Scorpio Zipper – Black

Eyes: Delusions – Fiercely Independant Eyes – Manipulative

Chair: Cheeky Pea – OnNom Chair

Chocolate Bars: Strawberry Fizz – Scorpio Bar Pocket Pal Set

Poses: exposeur – She’s Crafty

Everything Else…

Pants: The Secret Store – Rise Skinny Jeans – Black

Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith – America

Lashes: Redgrave – Eyelashes 39 – Luscious

Hair: Exile – Betty Lou – Ember (Subscriber Gift)

Nails: Synthetique – Ultimate Colour Tactics

With Love and Cupcakes,