Or so I heard. I’m not a Capricorn, but if you are I’d love to hear if that is true. I heard it from another Capricorn who was my boss at the time, and I didn’t understand him most of the time either so maybe this is true? Anyhow, my relationships with Capricorns have mostly been very business like. They do have a wicked yet dry sense of humor though.

Anyhow, there were some really nice things that turned up this month for Zodiac which is all dedicated to Capricorns this month, but as you can see the things that I am wearing are versatile for other signs too. I especially love this Mermaid dress from Adore and Abhor. It comes in two versions.. naughty or nice. The skin that I am wearing is from Bilo and I love the perfect red pout on the lips. My horns in this post are from Lassitude and Ennui and there are many color variations available. The furniture in this post is from Little shop of Curios and the standing pose is from Adorkable.

All of that you can get at Zodiac here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mint%20Tulip/125/209/21

My hair is not apart of Zodiac but still lovely, it is from Magika.