Global Domination will be winding down at the end of the month which is fast approaching!  Have you gotten your passport all filled up, your prizes and goodies?  Still unsure what you want to get, having trouble putting the items together, well take a look at all the great coverage here at Hottie Cooterati as well as the Global Domination Flickr group.

I’ve brought you some shots from the Global Domination sim, which was in itself an adventure!  Be careful of those tropical beaches, they tend to make you want to laze around with pina colada’s in hand and without enough sunscreen, sure to burn!

Then again, the high mountain snowy retreat may get your oxygen thinned and your bones chilled, but the view from the top is one to never forget, just don’t forget the heated socks!

The full list of prizes can be found here with images.

In world be sure you are in the Global Domination Hints & Tips group to get some help.

Have a great week!