Every Piscean that I have ever met has been a dreamer. My first real best friend in High School named Jim was so very romantic and a dreamer. He had the most beautiful blue eyes and when I first met him I swooned.

Unfortunately for me he was gay. But the lucky boys that he did date all said the same thing.. that he was a dreamer.


Which brings me to this, The Pisces round for the Zodiac is over in just a few days. You should get your dreamy butts over there and check out the rest of this round!

This beautiful shirt from Happy, which I had over looked at first sadly can be picked up and worn many different ways.. either dressed up or down, it’s your call but I love the blue in it. I am also wearing a dusting over eyeshadow from Mons, who made two different packs of eye make up this round and lipstick which is very pretty and kinda dreamy too. This boat is a couples pose boat but I didn’t have anyone to pose with me comes to us from Conspiracy Theory. All of that you can get right there at Zodiac!


My hair is from Lelutka, my skin is from Glam Affair, my shorts are from One Bad Pixel and my feet are from Gos Boutique. My poses are from Hopscotch.