Chandni Khondji of Hopscotch has released a rocking stage set for one of her Rhapsody exclusives. The stage comes with spotlights and a screen that changes into 5 different pictures. There are a lot of poses from mid stage, left stage and right stage. You also receive a mic for the left and right hand. It’s very very cool! Now I can be a rock star. LOL

Hopscotch @ Rhapsody

My cool hair is called Sid (after Sid Vicious I presume) and comes from Mina. It is a unisex hair and comes with a few hair bases. This is currently at Rhapsody as well.

Hopscotch @ Rhapsody



Atomic – Muse skin *creme* by Ivy Graves
IKON – Ascension eyes *sahara* by Ikon Innovia
Matte – Shape 19 by Cora Pomilio
SLink – Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
Sakide – The Block Suit *black* by Kinu Mayako
Mina – Sid *orange* by Mina Nakamura (new) Rhapsody
Cute Poison – Morpheus Boots and Hip Accent Piercings by Sae Luan
O.M.E.N. – Safari Tribal Earrings *black* by damascusvera
Ayumi – Leopard Spots tattoo by Ayumi Shinn
Axix – 5th Chakra tattoo by
Little Boy Blue – Shroud Ring by Tomoyuki Batra
Hopscotch – Rock Your World stage by Chandni Khondji (new) Rhapsody
Grimes Central Design – Complete Speaker System and Microphone with Straight Stand by Supershine Zapedzki
Carlosfx93 Store – Red Strato and Fender Bass by Carlosfx93