The Hottie Cooterati Experience is a unique events company focused on providing more than just your standard event.  We focus on creative themes, original and elaborate builds, and carefully crafted executions to bring you not just an event, but an experience.  We do this all with the finest creators in Second Life that you know and love, as well as showcasing new and upcoming talents that you have yet to discover.

If you would like your store to participate in future events by The Hottie Cooterati Experience, please join our in world group and/or follow this blog for information on future plans.

We figure if creators and consumers are going to put their faith in us to bring them the quality we promise, we should tell you who we are and how we got here.


RubyStarlight Writer – Owner/Creative Director


Ruby’s experience with event planning dates back to 2008 when she began with an official fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America which raised over $7000US for the charity through exclusive creator items, music festivals, one of a kind auctions, and DJ hosted parties.  She teamed with another former events company as well to raise one-third of the funds through a date auction of well-known SL individuals.  Since then she has organized events for The Best of SL, ICON Magazine, SL musician Mankind Tracer, as well as conceived of many events and contests for SL designers including Nardcotix and Bliss Couture.  In 2012, she, along with Annette Voight, conceived of and executed the exciting Festival of Sin; Thus The Hottie Cooterati Experience was born.

She’s also the owner of Exposeur Props and Poses and the founder of the formerly active SLuicideGirls blog.


Anya Ohmai – Graphic Designer, Creative Consultant, and Special Projects


If you’ve visited the Mischief Managed sim, then you’ve seen the beautiful and amazing replica of the Hogwarts castle and Platform 9 and 3/4 and know the kind of work this girl can do on a grand scale.  For Hottie Cooterati’s Cinema, Anya not only made the beautiful logo and event poster, but everyone most remembers her extraordinary work on the series of one of a kind movie posters for each of our sponsors.  Of course, who can forget the yummy treats and incredible snack bar she built for us, too!  Anya is so spectacular, creative, and talented, that I had to lure her back in for more.  Keep an eye out for many more touches of creativity from Anya in future Hottie Cooterati events.


Shiloh Selene – Event Manager


Shiloh has been with The Hottie Cooterati Experience since the early days as one of our most dedicated and hard-working bloggers.  Over the years she has shown not only dedication to her passion for blogging with Hottie Cooterati but also on her own (now retired) Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog.  These days, in addition to being a huge help with HCE events, she is the creator of charming original mesh home decor for her store Magnolia.  Her main focus for our events is to coordinate bloggers and help them achieve the goals set out by The Hottie Cooterati Experience to give our participating creators the coverage they deserve.  She’s instrumental in the organization of our events and the primary contact for general questions from creators and customers.


Strawberry Singh – Photographer


This popular and talented blogger is equally known for her amazing photography.  Perhaps, you would be most familiar with the regular photos she’s had showcased on the Second Life home page, but she’s also done commercial work for more stores, events, products, and campaigns that we could begin to name.  Her Flickr stream speaks for itself and anytime we need a perfectly composed photo, she gives us incomparable results every time.  Frequently working with Anya Ohmai for elaborate ads and posters, just about any photo you see coming from us will have Miss Berry behind the lens.


LiquidH3ll Carter – Scripter Extraordinaire

LiquidH3ll Carter

Liquid comes to SL with two degrees in Computer Science and Information Systems Operations, which makes him an amazing fit to The Hottie Cooterati Experience for our interactive events.  We all have this guy to thank for the amazing feat of Global Domination.  Every element that made the game come to life is a result of the brains of this fine fellow.  We decided to keep him around officially for all future Hottie Cooterati events, so you can look forward to more amazing and fun games in the future.

Outside of his scripting work, Liquid has also done many logos for various Second Life stores and events, including Pose Fair 2014 and 2015, and has his own original mesh brand, Plethora, where you’ll find clever toys, gadgets and more gacha than you know what to do with!



Over the years we’ve had a lot of help from others for our events, and we want to take a moment to mention them here and thank them for all their help.

Annette Voight:

  • Festival of Sin – Custom builds and event conceptualization
  • Pose Fair 2013 – Store Builds
  • Global Domination – Airport Terminal
  • Rhapsody – Event Build

Colleen Desmoulins:

  • Pose Fair 2014 – Store Builds

Elysium Eilde:

  • Festival of Sin – Logo, posters, photography, creative consulting
  • Zodiac – Logo, Posters
  • Global Domination – Logo, Posters
  • Pose Fair 2013 – Logo, Posters

Isla Gealach:

  • Cinema – Theater build

Kaz Nayar:

  • Cinema – Theater build
  • Global Domination – Custom Kiosk

Maci Restless:

  • Former Blogger Manager

Magenta Devinna:

  • Former Blogger Manager

Rayvn Hynes:

  • Global Domination – Puzzle props

Rob1977 Moonites:

  • The Hottie Cooterati Experience Website