You’ve been given classified information that an elite secret society, known only as “Fantasia”, is in desperate need of help.  Several of it’s members each sent out a shipment of sensitive documents via commercial airlines under the guise of every day luggage. However, each piece of luggage was intercepted by a demented trickster intent on taking over the world.  His plan is to use this secret, international government information to rise to power on his own.  Since his villainous career began, The Trickster’s MO has been stealing valuables and setting up dangerous puzzles that must be solved in order to retrieve the stolen goods.  He has sent this note to the members of Fantasia:

tricksters message

Fantasia needs your help in locating what has been taken from them to prevent The Trickster from using the information for his diabolical plan. The road to recovering these documents is extremely difficult and will most certainly put your life in peril.  Should you take on this assignment, you will be put through mind-twisting, complicated, and sometimes seemingly impossible tests to get to the final goal.  However, should you succeed, the rewards will be great.

You must visit 17 countries where the demented trickster has orchestrated the pieces of his master plan.  You will require a passport, investigative skills, patience, a keen eye, creative thinking, and your wits to get you through this.  We’ve assigned you a partner, Kit Whitman, but she’s a bit of a flake with the attention span of a fruit fly.  We suspect she’ll probably lose you before she even finds you, but she’s great at leaving behind clues to help you out.

There are tickets waiting for you at the airport to get you to your destinations. Just make sure you have your passport before you embark on your journey.  And remember, always keep your eye out for clues.  The Trickster has a chaotic way of thinking and you may find things on your journey you’d never expect you’d need later.

Good luck on your mission!


The No Nonsense Game Play:

1. Beginning February 7th you can purchase your passport at the main locations of participating stores.  The passport is necessary for game play.  Only ONE passport is needed to participate.  One passport will grant you access to all the prizes once you complete the puzzle.

More about passports.

2. At the airport terminal, starting February 14th at 12:00PM SLT, you will find a Departure Flight Board.  Each of the listings will be a teleport to the start of a puzzle location.  There is no required order that you need to follow, you can start and end absolutely anywhere.

3. Each location will have a puzzle you will need to solve and they are not easy.  There won’t be any direct instructions on how to solve each puzzle, so you will need to carefully examine the clues to come to conclusions.  Google will often be your friend.

4. Some puzzles have multiple locations.  Whether it’s one location or three locations per puzzle, ultimately you are playing until you get a new stamp on your passport.

5. There will be clues EVERYWHERE.  Hidden objects and random puzzle pieces are scattered in many of the locations you’ll visit along the way.  Keep a keen eye out for them. *coughs*airportterminal*coughs*

6. Once you solve all 17 puzzles, you will automatically be sent a landmark to the final location and a group invite.  You MUST join this group to access the final location (this is where the prizes are).  If you accidentally decline the group or something else goes wrong, detach and reattach your Passport HUD to receive it again.

More On Prizes



The Global Domination Hints & Tips group is open to those who are seeking some help.  If you don’t want spoilers, this is not the group for you.  That being said, while you can offer HINTS and TIPS in this group, you may NOT just give out actual solutions.

Store owners have absolutely NO IDEA how to solve these puzzles.  For the love of everything precious in the world, do not message them for ANYTHING regarding Global Domination.  >:[

On that note, please don’t IM any of The Hottie Cooterati staff, either.  None of us are going to give you hints or tips or tricks or clues or solutions.  There’s a pretty good chance we’ll just ignore you. Sorry. :/

Did you break your passport HUD? You did, didn’t you!?  This is why we can’t have nice things.  Ok, ok. If you broke things (ok or if maybe things just happened to break) contact LiquidH3ll Carter.  He CANNOT WAIT to hear from you. 😀

If your HUD has gone screwy for some reason and you will need a replacement, please have your transaction history to show your proof of purchase.


I know, I know. Rules suck.  But really, there are only a few.  These rules apply to everyone, whether you read them or not. “I didn’t know” is not an excuse.

1. You can work in groups if you wanna, but there are only 3 top prizes.  And you can’t share them.  The Three Musketeers knew nothing… EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF! \o/

2. Cheating will not be tolerated.  So, you know… don’t go spouting off solutions all over the place and ruining everyone’s good time. Don’t make a freaking blog listing all the solutions and think you’re some kind of hero.  Don’t pipe up in the group and tell people how to solve things.  It’s a game. Let people have fun.  Don’t be a douche.  But if you must be one… imma ban you.  Yup. No prizes for you. Also… prooooobably gonna ban you from future events, too.  Ruining all your fun forever. :(

3. No refunds!  Oh… unless…. well… no.  Ok, well I guesss if…. nope.  You might get one if…. no, no not that either.  Nope.  Just no refunds.  Period. >:[