On February 7th you can purchase your passport from any of the following locations for L$300.  You only need to purchase ONE Passport HUD to play the game and to get all the prizes at the end.

The stores are offering incentives to purchase from their kiosks!  Below each store name you’ll see a photo of an item.  If you purchase your Passport HUD from that store, you will receive the item advertised.  Those that are exclusive items that won’t be sold later are noted.  If you would like to purchase more than one Passport so you can get the gifts you want, that is completely fine, but note that the Passports are non-transferable and additional passports won’t serve you any further benefits or purpose.

Adorkable Poses – Exclusive Item.

Final Derriere Poster

Alice Project – Exclusive Texture.

Alice Project Global Domination Specials


Baiastice_Global Domination-kiosk gift

Cracked Mirror

Decoy – Exclusive Texture.


elymode – Exclusive Item.


Exposeur – Exclusive Item

Desiderio 1024


[HANDverk]Leather Loop Bracelet.hud

Indyra Originals

Indyra Originals Global Domination incentive poster

Maxi Gossamer

MG - Necklace - Valentina Cross




mudhoney madagascar ottoman


The Loft

Trompe Loeil

Trompe Loeil - Rustic Bright Bench - Global Dom. Signup Gift

Global Domination will begin on February 14th, at which time the price will go up to L$400.  You will still be able to purchase your passports at the above stores, but you will also be able to purchase them at the game’s starting location.

Before you embark on your journey, wear your passport HUD.  You MUST keep your passport attached to you at all times during your game play.  You can detach it if you take a break to go do something else, it will store your progress.  Just make sure it’s on while you play or nothing will work!

The passport book will attach to the right side of your screen.  Clicking the book will open it.  You’ll see the imprints of slots where your passport stamps will go.  When you solve a puzzle one of the stamps will fill up the imprint, marking your progress.

You’ll also notice a slip of paper sticking out the top of your passport.  This is your inventory list.  As you go through the puzzles, there will be items you will need to pick up for use with other puzzles.  This list will keep track of those items for you.  Once you use those items to solve a puzzle, they will disappear from the list.  So don’t panic if you had something and then find it gone! It just means you’ve already used it and that part is done.

You can click the passport again to close it and give yourself some more room on your screen.

If you have any technical trouble with your passport, please contact LiquidH3ll Carter or RubyStarlight Writer.