Special Prices and Booths are as follows:

Sponsor – L$12,000:

-400 prim, 20×30 store at one of two event landing points.  Landing point will be centered directly in front of the entrances of these stores.

-Store logo to appear on all Pose Fair posters and on the Pose Fair 2014 event page on the website.

-7 Spots are available for this sponsor option and will be limited to established brands (over one year in business) who have previously participated in Pose Fair.


Near Landing Point Stores:

-These store spots come in 3 different sizes and prices as follows:

— Two (2) 50 prim booths – L$3000

— Two (2) 100 prim booths – L$3800

— Two (2) 400 prim booth – L$8,000


Event Partner – L$75,000:

For those who are looking for a high visibility sponsorship we are able to put together a sponsorship package for you. The basic perks will include:

– Brand name and website URL shown on the region title.

– Logo (with URL link) prominently displayed on The Hottie Cooterati Website as an event partner from time of payment until June 1st, 2014 (approximately 3 months).

– Logo and/or landmark and/or website URL prominently featured on all promotional materials.

– Landing point store (20m x 30m) with 500 prims

Additional custom promotions may be added depending on the viability and cost.

Event Partners do NOT have to be pose/animation stores, HOWEVER, the event partner must create one new item that will involve new poses or animations.  For example, last year Decoy made a hula hoop with animations even though Decoy is primarily a female clothing store.  We must be able to incorporate your brand with a pose/animation event.  You are welcome to collaborate with a pose/animation maker to incorporate your items with the event.

If you are ONLY interested in the Event Partner sponsorship but not interested in being a regular Pose Fair participant, please contact RubyStarlight Writer directly.  If you want to participate in Pose Fair as a vendor and also have interest in being an Event Partner, please just fill out the application as normal.


Pose Fair 2014 Application